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Velo 29 off to a roaring start with the Cheshire Cat and Tour of the Peak Sportives

by Holly Blades

After launching early bird prices for both the Cheshire Cat and the Tour of the Peak Sportives, Velo29 Events have been inundated with entries, both of which have in the region of 1400 entries already.

Since launching the events at the beginning of October, Velo29 have linked up with the original charity partner of the events, Caudwell Children and will be raising funds for the charity through all of their events in 2017, including their original sportives taking in some of the toughest climbs in the North of England.

Velo29 Events director Richard Williamson, stated that re connecting with Caudwell Children was an important part of the process of keeping the Cheshire Cat and Tour of the Peak true to the original set up that Kilo to GO had and hoped that they could raise a considerable amount of money for the Children's Charity. The interest in keeping the events going has been very high within the cycling community. 

Richard also said that in taking over the events, Velo29 had re-looked at the pricing bringing both events in line with the rest of Velo29 events at £25 and hoped to improve on what Kilo to GO had created, including a choice of food at the end of the events and beer to be available for those that would want one. Quality itself is paramount and understanding what riders would like by listening to the feedback that has been given being an important part of the process of keeping the events alive and kicking.

Both events are expected now to sell out in 2017, so if you are wanting a place you'd better get signed up soon.

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