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Reflexology foot massage

by jyotisharma

Would you like to have your feet up all day after the hustle and bustle and take a rest? This gives your self one of the instinctive and basic methods of relaxation for body and spirit, which is certainly very effective, but reflexology techniques can multiply these effects.

Reflexology foot massage is one of the most accessible methods of alternative medicine. According to the teachings of the ancient Chinese, the sole of the feet shows reflex points that are the end of the paths leading from all organs. Our entire body is projected onto our feet. In this therapy, pressure stimulation is performed on specific sites, which reflexologically affects the health of the corresponding parts of the body. By acting on individual points on the soles of the feet, we can positively influence the functions of the internal organs, the activity of the nervous system, the glands or the motor apparatus and thus harmonize physical and mental processes.

This very pleasant and relaxing massage in delhi can be a very effective method of prevention, especially for problems caused by malfunction of internal organs or imbalances in the body. It is useful in blocking the cervical spine, relieving headaches, backs, discs and joint pains, to suppress inflammation, further stimulates the immune system and helps the body in scoliosis, allergies, detoxification of the body and serves as a support for lymphatic drainage.

By squeezing or stroking the reflective pads, it is possible to find out the cause of a number of problems, because in the case of a malfunction of the organ, the sensitivity, pain changes even in the respective projection area on the sole of the foot. Subsequent massage and gentle premassure on the lower leg can significantly reduce or even eliminate the identified problems. By treatment, the body becomes more resilient, more balanced and thus helps maintain mental and physical harmony.

Reflexology is a very pleasant massage where you can relax and relax while the hands of the therapist work on your feet.

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