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Kelly's Cycle Challenge For Challengers

by Holly Blades

Kelly's Storage Charity Events are once again organising & paying for their hugely popular Cycle Sportive on Sunday May 20th with every penny raised going to benefit local charity, Challengers, who provide play and leisure opportunities for disabled children across Surrey & Hants.

"We are really looking forward to being part of the Kellys Cycle Challenge again in May, this is an amazing event that has just grown year on year! " says Laura Sercombe, CEO Challengers.

The Kelly's Cycle Challenge starts from a race HQ on the doorstep of Alice Holt forest and follows rural routes through mile upon mile of stunning Surrey & Hampshire scenery. There will be three distances to choose from plus a special 7 mile route for families with children. Whichever route is chosen, all riders can be sure of a truly scenic cycle. "Just wanted to say how much the "Valley Velos" enjoyed the ride today. What a fabulous route and such lovely people (on the ride and helping) such that we will definitely be back next year and hopefully in more strength than just the four of us." (Phil Saunders May 2017)

The event is professionally organised and the routes fully supported with mobile mechanics and feed stations along the way with delicious food kindly contributed by Tootsies Nurseries and by Nourish, a natural kitchen based in Farnham. There are many additional features such as free race photos online and bespoke medals for all entrants.  

At HQ the children's challenge proved hugely popular last year. It is a mini cyclocross for children set up in the safety of the HQ field. so we would encourage everyone to bring their little ones along with their bikes for a truly enjoyable morning. There will be a smoothie bike, refreshments and ice creams as well as massage offered by Farnham Chiropractic Wellness Centre.

Moira Martin, Director, says that Kelly's Storage Charity Events aim to make their events offer the best possible customer experience and at the same time raise as much as possible for charity. After last year's event Mark Highbury wrote in  "I want to thank you and your team for putting on such a well organised event on Sunday. I've entered a few sportive events over the last year and yours was up there with the best. Clear and frequent signage and a friendly welcome at the feed stations is a huge help. I look forward to being back next year with a few more friends. Well done." 

A great ride for a great cause - what's not to like? Sign up today!
You can enter the Kelly's Cycle Challenge online today at

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