REVIEW: Svelte Heritage Jersey

by Henry Nixon

Price £90.00
Size XS to XL
Colour Burgandy, Green or Navy
Svelte is the coolest cycle clothing brand you probably haven't heard of.

REVIEW: Svelte Heritage Jersey 

Svelte is the coolest cycle clothing brand you probably haven't heard of. Off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company is now producing high-quality merino wool jerseys and retro styled bibshorts that instantly place the brand in competition with the biggest names in stylish cycling circles. 

A quick glance over the jersey shows Svelte's approach is aimed at the everyday cyclist, people that aren't bothered by the latest trends or most aero-dynamic features. Svelte aim to catch the attention of those who want comfort and retro style over anything else. 

This area of the market is slowly increasing in competition, so a new entrant has to bring something original and worthwhile to the table. Here Svelte succeed with aplomb. The majority of the jersey is made from merino wool, with the discernible feature being a big brass button on the back. The jersey harks back to cycling's yesteryear, long before Lycra became the norm.  



There's a reason merino wool is used in highly technical sportswear: its ability to disperse heat when it's warm and hold onto it in the cold is unparalleled. This feature, coupled with the tailored fit of the jersey, result in an excellent garment. 

The aesthetic won't be to everyone's taste, but that's exactly the reason why this area of the clothing industry has grown so large, so quickly. People are desperate for something different and distinguishable. 

The heritage jersey comes in three dark colours; burgundy, navy and green. It looks as good on the bike as it does in the pub, and the amount of thought that has gone in to the design and styling is obvious. 



Svelte has taken the direct-to-customer approach, claiming this model allows them to pass on savings to the customer that would have otherwise been lost to retailers. They say that this saves them almost doubling the price, which would take the jersey from a mid-range price point to a top-end one. 

At the current price (£90) this jersey is good value. It's very well made and the timeless look will remain fashionable for years to come. 

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