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Launch Day Discounts for New Beach Cruiser Sportives

by Holly Blades

Southern Sportive  have launched their 2017 season with the announcement of two new south coast "Beach Cruiser" sportives for the summer.

A slightly different slant on the classic sportive, the organisers aim to make the Sussex Downs and Hampshire Hills Beach Cruisers sportives (1st July & 12th August) with the atmosphere of a summer club run to the beach. The concept is simple; you follow the winding course over the hills and down to the beach, where you can chill out for a while, and grab a bite at the beachside cafe etc, before taking a more direct route back to the event base.

You can either choose the One Way Ticket option (the shorter ride that finishes at the beach, where you can meet family or friends and make your own way home), or the Day Trip Return (the full ride option t the beach and back). In keeping with the laid back summer vibe, the rides are slightly shortened (60 & 90km approx for short and full) so you don't have to rush your day, and your ride timing clock stops for the time you're at the beach so you have to time to relax.

We think it's going to be a refreshing change of pace to the usual hectic sportive; a ride that you can savour on your own terms. To celebrate the the launch of these new events, which go on sale at 5pm on Friday 9th December, there are some opening weekend bargains to be had. Each rode is very keenly priced already (£25 for the full routes and just £18 for the short), but the first 10 sign ups for each event will get in for half price, and the next 50 at 15% off.

Don't miss that launch deadline - find out more and sign up at

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