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Giant Doddington Bike Ride Rider Times

by Holly Blades

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6th November 2017 11:28am Hanna Spence wrote:

If anyone has ever struggled with their weight, and, like me, can't so much as jog a mile without feeling like they're dying, I strongly recommend cycling.

I wanted to save money one summer so I bought a bike from Walmart to get to and from work at . It was maybe 1.5miles each way, with a waterfront path on the way home for an occasional 2 more miles. I lost about 30 pounds in around 3 months. I had long given up on weight loss and only checked my weight when a coworker asked me if I had been working out and that I looked great. I weighed myself and said "Holy expletive, I've never been this in my life." (Baby and toddler days excluded).

If you've given up on losing weight, don't. Go get a bicycle. It doesn't need to cost as much as your car. It is nothing like running. You will not feel like you're dying. You will be able to push yourself. Gear down and just keep pedaling.

18th November 2017 11:46am Alison Daewon wrote:

I would do some mountain biking if it were me. It is fun to the point that it props you up. Street or rough terrain, take a stab at discovering some nearby trails and riding them. You can't develop overnight, yet I was astounded how quick I figured out how to ride longer.

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