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MassifCentral Start Kickstarter to Fund Infographic Prints

by Caven O'Hara

Have you ever wanted to have more than just a memento of your greatest, most challenging ride? Pictures are one thing but how about a piece of bespoke art in print form? Well, MassifCentral do just that, taking your data and transforming it into a sophisticated infographic. Your achievement and story can then be proudly displayed for everyone to see.

Now, after two years they want to take it to the next level. They have launched the project on Kickstarter to bring you 'The Massifier'. This will be an online portal that will allow you to input your unique data to create your own bespoke work. The Massifier will make the process easier and quicker than it currently is, but without compromising quality. The software needs to be developed and to interface with Strava and Google maps to take this process to the next level.

If MassifCentral doesn't already appeal enough, hear this; Three time Tour de France winner, Chris Froome is a fan and they have already produced prints of the TDF, London-Surrey bike ride and two of the world's biggest marathons, New York and London.

With a pledged goal of £55k they have shot past the £11k mark with 21 days to go. If you want the chance to buy a truly unique memento of your achievement then take a look and make your pledges now. You'll be amazed at the detail.

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