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Hackney GT London Gravel Christmas Thames Ride Out Announced

by Holly Blades

You could say Christmas is coming late this year. 2 days late to be precise in the form of the Lea valley, River Thames gravel ride brought to you by Hackney GT and their friends and local bike shop Hub Velo. 

Having recently completed the ride a couple of times whilst making their latest photo shoot and video, Hackney GT were so stoked with the days out they thought they would do it again and open it up for all to join in. 

So after two days of family, rich food and TV specials they're sure there will be a whole heap of people gagging to get out on two wheels and take in some of the best and most interesting paths, tow paths, ferry crossings, mud flats, marshes, cafe stops, bird sanctuaries, WW2 concrete barges and so much more.

9am from Hub Velo 217 A Lower Clapton Rd. E5 8EG
Wednesday 27th Dec
Return between 3-4pm at Hub Velo

Distance 100km (there are many train get out points for a shorter distance).

More info at
Video and pics  to wet your appetite

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