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North Cornwall Tor 2008 Results

by Adam Tranter Photo's of the Day -
Photos from Idenna -
Cyclosport TV - were the official photographers.

Updated for the 3rd time as results become more precise.

Course First name Last name Race number Gender Finish status Team name Finish time Wadebridge
Long paul caton 250 Male Finished Verulam C.C. 06:21:52 05:39:53
Long Richard Carter 249 Male Finished Bikinmotion 06:29:01 05:09:19
Long Alan Goldsmith 332 Male Finished Swindon 06:33:45 06:02:12
Long Rob Marcus 420 Male Finished VC Godalming Haslmre 06:34:40 05:09:21
Long Brett Hedges 353 Male Finished Dulwich Paragon 06:35:43 05:28:47
Long Wayne Bennett 224 Male Finished Dont Push It CC 06:43:24 05:40:55
Long Ian Phillips 488 Male Finished C S Dynamo 06:43:43 05:16:48
Long Steve Davidson 280 Male Finished BTS 06:49:19 06:10:28
Long David Oziem 477 Male Finished BADTri/fredbakercycl 06:52:42 05:45:04
Long Andrew Kelly 393 Male Finished Somerset RC Tri 06:53:05 06:43:26
Long David Carpenter 247 Male Finished Somerset RC 06:53:11 05:45:36
Long Ashley Rawles 502 Male Finished Somerset RC 06:53:41 05:45:37
Long John Harrison 350 Male Finished London 06:54:38 05:45:02
Long Roger Eaves 302 Male Finished   06:56:20

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