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Autumn Epic Goes 100

by Holly Blades

The well known end of season classic, The Autumn Epic, has traditionally stopped short of 100 miles for the last 14 years. The original 95 mile Epic route will still be available for those committed to this long-running event.  The new 100 mile option adds only 400ft of climbing.

"We've added in an optional loop to top the Epic out at 100 miles this year," says organizer Andy Dawson, "people really want to hit that target."

"This is a try out for 2018 but we've already got great responses from people keen to finish their year with a big achievement."

The sportive also has an 80 mile Legend route plus Adventure 45 mile and a Quest 25 miler. 

Autumn Epic - Event Details:

Date: Sunday 30th Sept 2018
Time: 8.30am
Location: Community Centre, Bowling Green Lane, Knighton LD7 1DR
Distances: 100/95/80/45/25mile options
Support: food stops, broom wagons, First Aid
Timing: electronic chip, results at finish-line

For more information, visit

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