Secret Training Stealth Juice Bar Recommended

by Caven O'Hara

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What I liked was the combination, something that is both easy to palette but not too diluted that it becomes like flavoured water.

Is it an energy bar or is it an energy gel? Not a question you'd think you have answer but thanks to Secret Training you now have the dilemma. Their Stealth energy range has been expanding, thanks in part to their innovation and the feedback gleaned from professional teams such as Tinkoff Saxo (now defunct when owner Oleg Tinkov pulled out of the sport), JLT and Madison Genesis who they are official suppliers to. 

The brainchild of Track Cycling European Champion, Tim Lawson, the range boasts an impressive line-up. Covering your hydration, energy and protein needs they now have a new addition to their range: The Juice Bar.

Developed over two years with the proviso that it gives you the same nutritional benefits as a bar but is easy to digest and tasty. The juice bars are both Gluten free and suitable for Vegans and contain real fruit juice and Palatinose which support fat oxidation - the inclusion of high intensity exercise in your lifestyle will help to burn or oxidise fat.

Palatinose is a rare sugar which unlike simple sugars produces a slow controlled energy release which reduces the chance of your sugar levels spiking. Available in two flavours, Apple & Blackcurrant or Orange & Pineapple. The result is a product that I think will divide opinion but personally it worked for me. The flavours were both true to their name but without the artificial after taste.

What I liked was the combination, something that is both easy to palette but not too diluted that it becomes like flavoured water. The first mouthful provided a bit of surprise, something akin to a blended bar mixed with juice - just what they set out to create but it still took my taste buds a second or two to get their collective heads around it. The main question will be, does it work?

Yes, is the short answer and the added benefit is you don't have to worry about stuffing gels and bars into your pockets. You can minimise the load you carry, certainly on rides up to a few hours this was plenty. 

Thumbs up from the taste buds once you've got used to the texture. 

Visit for details. Boxes are priced at £25 for 16.

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