Chapeau! Hot Coffee & Cream Gift Pack REVIEW

by Henry Peacock

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A great gift for any coffee loving cyclist and a great introduction into an exciting brand.

Chapeau! (Exclamation mark mandatory) are 'The people's bicycle club'; their branding is a bold statement with the crisp clean graphics make a nice change to the norm. Their philosophy is based on a quality product at a fair price; they are realistic in product explanations and understated in appearance.

The chapeau term originates, as we all know from the French word for hat, its relationship to cycling is as old as the sport itself, as cyclists past and present wore hats to protect their eyes from spray and sunshine. I think the reference here is a tip of the hat, a nod to a good achievement performed by another, a traditional tip of the hat by someone wearing one. Chapeau! has been created by Velobrands a UK bicycles and accessories distributor, the range at first consists of various care products like we have here but at the recent London Bike Show  the Chapeau stand was showcasing some rather fetching clothing garments, a rival to any high end garments currently on sale so keep your eyes peeled for more.

gift pack
It Isn't Christmas But It Sure Feels Like It

This gift pack would have been a dead cert for a cracking Christmas gift and gives you plenty of Chapeau! product to sink your teeth into.

Cold Weather Warm Up Balm 220ml:
Every committed cyclist needs some of this stuff, the smell is reminiscent of deep heat and as I've commented before don't rub it on any sensitive parts, use only on the legs or exposed areas.

The heat level isn't uncomfortable and can be fairly easily washed off post ride. On the heat level out of a scale of 1-10 it's around 5-6, really good for first time users. I used it on my exposed calves whilst wearing ¾ length bibs for a three hour road ride and I could feel the heat effect, it took the worst chills away that 6C can throw at you. The 220ml bottle should see a good lifespan.

Original Chamois Cream 200ml:
The cream is easily dispensed from the tube, unlike many other brands who opt for a tub as though we cyclists need to dip in to retrieve contents. The cream is designed to reduce friction, inflammation and discomfort and can be used pre and post ride. It is antibacterial so you won't be affected by long hot rides and then sitting around in your shorts in the café. It is neutral in smell and after application it'll still be there at the end of a long ride.  The cream is soothing and cooling and should see constant usage from now on.

Chapeau Mug & Finest Coffee:
These two products really highlight the brand as to how obsessive they are about cycling, to produce a coffee a stable mate of almost every modern road cyclist. The mug is playful and bold in its design, they claim it to be "just right" in its size and I'd have to agree. The moustache on the bottom is a really comical addition, showing the attention to detail and it sets off the logo again.

coffe and mug
Bold Crisp Graphics Are Great, Coffee Good Too

The 125g of coffee is ground already for your tasting pleasure, it doesn't seem hugely dark in the initial bag smell but they claim it is the 'omni-ground' house blend. Their slogan for it is "Original Energy Drink" which I think is brilliant. The coffee forms part of their coffee club which is due for launch soon.

The mug is bold and they claim it to be the perfect size, which I'd have to agree. There's a stunning moustache on the base too, an injection of much needed fun into the office.


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