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'Everesting' - the Latest Trend in Endurance Cycling

by Nick Gregory

'Everesting' - the Latest Trend in Endurance Cycling

'Everesting' is the latest, and arguably the toughest extreme endurance challenge. There is something intangibly and illogically fascinating about seeing how far the limits of the human body can be pushed: be it running a marathon, completing an ironman triathlon, a swim across the English Channel or indeed an ascent of Mt Everest itself.  


  1. "Climbing the height of Mt Everest (8,848 metres) on a single climb in a single ride."

Mount Everest (Image: Flickr - umbertodpc)

The dZi Foundation

The Australian, George Mallory coined the idea and became the first person to successfully 'Everest' a climb (Mount Donna Buang, Victoria) in 1994. Mallory was the grandson of the famous British mountaineer of the same name, who many believe was the first to reach the summit of Mt Everest in 1924, but never returned to tell the tale - his body was found on the mountain in 1999. 

Mallory Jr has also climbed Mt Everest, and it was during training for this that he came up with the idea of Everesting: "I wondered how many times I could cycle up [Mount Donna Buang] in a day. Was it five, or six? Or, maybe I should aim for eight! By doing eight laps of the hill my vertical gain would be 8800 metres, approximately the altitude of Mt Everest. Would this be possible? Was there a world record for this brand of stupidity?" 

The stats are mind boggling. To try and put it into some kind of context, it's nine times up Alpe D'huez, six times up Mont Ventoux or five times up the Stelvio... It's the equivalent climbing of a double Maratona dles Dolomites - arguably the toughest sportive in the world. The steepest and toughest climb in the UK, the 33% Hardknott Pass would need to be scaled 30 times. If you fancied Everesting the sportive Mecca of Box Hill you would have to climb it 69 times. The list goes on. 

(Image: Twitter - CazTheTurtle)

(Image: Instagram - PeteFung)

Melbourne native, Sarah Hammond became the first woman to complete an 'Everest,' riding her bike unassisted up Mount Buffalo eight times in 18 hours. The choice of climb is important, but is very much an individual decision based on personal preference - either grinding out shallow gradients over a long distance (the longest Everest so far is 430km), or getting it 'over and done with' on a steep hill. For example, another Australian, Mike Melling-Williams Everested the steep Anderson Street hill in suburban South Yarra, but in order to surpass the magic 8,848 vertical metres he had to climb it a mind-boggling 328 times.  

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