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Cheshire Cat Saved from Extinction

by Holly Blades

Velo 29 Events have been organising race events, race series and sportives for several years, including the National Championships in Stockton this year. Now, they've stepped in to save the Cheshire Cat Sportive from extinction.

On talking to Richard Williamson of Velo 29 Events, he stated how he felt that it was important to help the survival of the Cheshire Cat Sportive, one of the longest running, most iconic events of the sportive calendar.

"It's important to protect this part of the heritage of the events when an event such as the Cheshire Cat is threatened with disappearing after the liquidation of the original company, Kilo to GO earlier this year. As well as keeping the event going I have reduced the price to what I feel is a more reasonable level of £25 entry and to honour all of last years entries to the Kilo to GO event who sadly lost out when the forced closure of the company occurred. 

Whilst we have re-launced the event, we have quite a limited time early bird offer of just £20 which will end on the 16th October."

The Cheshire Cat will move back to it's original date the 26th March, giving riders a very good reason to keep training over the winter period before taking on the 'Killer Mile' Mow Cop early in the season. 

Velo 29 will add their own slant to the event by providing traditional feed stop savoury foods that are popular amongst riders as well as energy products from HIgh5, event sponsor for the Cheshire Cat. The event itself will starting from Queens Park in Crewe, offering a very scenic backdrop to the event, whilst hard standing parking will be provided at Cheshire East College, this should alleviate problems with parking that Kilo to Go have had in the past.

Demand is already high, especially with the early bird offer, so be sure to take advantage of the offer before it runs out!

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