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The Tour de Force Explained - How You Can Ride the Tour de France

by Holly Blades

With the Tour de Force, it is possible for an amateur cyclist to take on the entire gruelling ride of the Tour de France themselves, or even 'just' take on a couple of stages without the pressure of a race.

They get to tackle the cols, cobbles and climbs 7 days ahead of the pro peleton and a week later, watch the pros in action on those same stages.The 2017 Tour:The 2017 Tour de Force will start in Dusseldorf on Saturday 24th June and will end 21 stages and around 3,500km of cycling later in Paris on Sunday 16th July.

By signing up to one of 10 Tour Tasters, riders can experience between 2 and all 21 stages of the tour. Check out our early rumours.

The event supports the William Wates Memorial Trust, helping the UK's most disadvantaged young people to avoid a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. Riders commit to fundraising a minimum target depending on which Tour Taster they choose. For the majority, this will be £1,200. To date, the Tour de Force has almost £3 million. Our goal is to raise £400,000 a year.

TDF Event Organiser Sarah Perry: "2016 was a tough but beautiful and challenging route. It always is! After another phenomenal year of Le Tour, we're already gearing up for 2017. It just keeps on getting better every year!"

WWMT Chairman Andrew Wates: "2017 promises to be just as wonderful as the last 10 years of the Tour de Force and we will continue to give amateur cyclists this incredible opportunity to realise their cycling dreams, while helping to support young people achieve their true potential".

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