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Mallorca 312 Sells Out In Less Than a Week

by Holly Blades

The entries for the Mallorca 312-Giant-Taiwan have been sold out seven days after the registrations for the tenth edition were opened. In total, 8000 participants will ride the 10th Anniversary of the sportive on the 27th of April 2019. 

In addition, from today, the organisation of the Mallorca 312 will enable 50 charitable entries for sale for a price of 100 € each. The proceeds is solely intended to help the people affected by the flooding in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and Artà (Mallorca). 

 "Last year we sold all the inscriptions in 12 weeks and this year in only seven days. This confirms the great acceptance that our race has among the national and international athletes and consolidates our event as one of the best sportive offers in Europe. Nobody wants to miss the experience of riding in Mallorca inside a peloton leaded by important former pro cyclists and surrounded by the sportive ambience", says Xisco Lliteras, Mallorca 312-Giant-Taiwan director. 

The key of success of Mallorca 312-Giant-Taiwan is, apart from the excellent organisation, the good weather and the natural environment of the island, its varied offer. Three routes of 312, 225 and 167 kilometres that meets every kind of cyclist expectations. The Mallorca 312-Giant-Taiwan is one of the most iconic sportives of the cycling calendar, where participants ride 312 kilometres starting at sea level in Playa de Muro, climbing up Puig Major and  passing through Serra de Tramuntana, with every kilometre of the circuit closed to public traffic. 

For more information, visit

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