Event Insurance


Organising a cycle event requires dedication, commitment and an endless love of the sport. 

At Cyclosport we do everything we can to help you; from the initial planning and risk assessments, through event promotion and advertising, to actual event management - we have the experience and resources to get your event off the ground. 

After everything you have put into the event the last thing you want is to end up with huge bills after a volunteer or a member of the public makes a claim against you following an accident/incident of some kind during the event, which is why event insurance is so important. 

There aren't many suitable providers who will give the right amount of cover. To save you searching, we have done it for you 'ensuring the product offers the right benefits for sportives and negotiating a substantially discounted rate' guaranteeing that you get value for money. To view the Key Benefits of the Event Insurance, click here >> 

Our selected partner for cycle event insurance in 2016 is Pro-Cycle Insurance. They have a strong background in insuring Sportives,  both home and abroad in addition to Travel insurance aimed specifically at Cyclists as well as Cycle insurance for theft and damage.

For more information visit www.procycleinsurance.co.uk/insurance.

Call: 01722 597988