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Essex Roads Spring Lambs Sportive

03/04/2011 - Hannakins Farm, Essex - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 87.1% based on 11 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 92.1%

lsdtel wrote:

The event was excellent. Despite my low score on signage, I could see all signs from a great distance, however the arrow outline could not been seen un till I was very close, perhaps a solid black arrow would have stood out more on the luminus card!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for a great day, I really enjoyed it.

Many Thanks


Rated Event: 95.5%

styman0 wrote:

A Job well done by Essex CC. Excellent Route,Free Tea and Coffee at the start and Finish as well a spread of free cakes at the finish that would put many bakers to shame. All thats needed to make it the organization perfect is to sort out the signing on, 40 mins in a queue to start the event was really unnecessary, one queue for 400 people is never going to be quick!

Rated Event: 91.0%

colders wrote:

Excellent ride on a perfect route. Only problem was the signs. Although signage was well placed and easy to see from a distance, the actual arrows within the signs were difficult to read until the very last minute

Rated Event: 84.4%

martinblyth wrote:

Would like to than the rider who took out my front wheel so early on! cold wind and wreaked shoulder made for a good day in the saddle!

Rated Event: 85.5%

simondaw wrote:

Excellent event - slick organisation and great course.

Rated Event: 95.5%

Don Menzies wrote:

Excellent event. Well organised. Great ride

Rated Event: 79.9%

Bruce wrote:

Rated Event: 78.8%

jimac wrote:

Rated Event: 92.1%

bingly wrote:

Excellent event. Other sportive organisers should ride this event to see how well run a sportive can be.

Rated Event: 81.0%

fat boy wrote:

Wicked event , everone that helpped out was really nice. Next year maybe have the arrows a diffrent colour to the back ground.

Rated Event: 82.1%

tony howard wrote:

well organised, good selection at the food stops, would recommend this ride and will take part in the autumn.

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