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Cyclone Challenge Rides

06/07/2019 - Northumberland - Sportive

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Previous Years Rating: 88.6% based on 39 reviews

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 91.020%

colinphillips wrote:

This was my first Cyclone (and only my second sportive, after riding the Dragon Ride the previous weekend). I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found the organization of Peter Harrison and his team to be excellent throughout. The 104 mile route traversed varied and beautiful scenery (wish I had more time to enjoy it), and included a good mix of climbs that were testing without being gratuitous. The ride had just about as many participants as the Dragon Ride, but the atmosphere felt rather different. The Cyclone seems to sample from a broader spectrum of the riding community, and has a more fun-and-friendly feel. Car parking at Kingston Park was no problem at all (I arrived just before 7am, and was among the first to arrive), and most ride services at the start/finish were very good. Big exception: woefully inadequate toilet facilities for an event of this size. Big pluses: showers in players' changing rooms; £5 massages to relieve tired muscles. Route-marking was excellent throughout, and there were almost no traffic lights or dodgy street crossings. The wrist-band timing system was a bit annoying - if you registered the previous evening then you had to sleep with it on, and at every feed stop you had to have somebody insert the timing device into a little box. The instant results at the end was a nice feature. Most feedstops had good supplies of basics, though the first stop at 24 miles was oddly positioned half-way down a sweeping descent. Towards the end riders from the long ride were rejoining those from the shorter rides, and everybody seemed to be having a good day out. An excellent event, and a good choice for a newcomer.

Rated Event: 82.140%

PhilChalk wrote:

Other than the above exceptions, I really enjoyed taking part in this, my first ever sportive. It was without doubt the most physically challenging thing I've ever done (I did the 63 mike event), but with lots more training I'm hoping to do next years 100 mile event.

Rated Event: 92.130%

ianharrison wrote:

great organisation exellent route would recomend this event to anyone.great value for money

Rated Event: 81.030%

hugo15 wrote:

Rated Event: 89.910%

brin wrote:

Rated Event: 94.350%

jonathanbennett wrote:

Rated Event: 87.690%

17brigham wrote:

Parking good, but I arrived early. Feed stations well spaced but could have had a bit more variety than bananas and orange energy bars. Route was excellent with good opportunities to hook on to groups for extra speed

Rated Event: 97.680%

shyumu wrote:

Looking forward to next year - well done Peter.

Rated Event: 96.570%

Leadlegs wrote:

An excellent event in a beautiful place.

Rated Event: 95.460%

alans wrote:

Excellent event which caters for all abilities

Rated Event: 94.350%

mangoman wrote:

Excellent event. Nice course with all the hills in the middle.

Rated Event: 98.790%

mikehails wrote:

I'll be back next year!

Rated Event: 97.680%

mickydayman wrote:

A sleek well run event in a beautiful setting this is a sportive i would reccomend to anyone and being passed by the Irish national team on one of the climbs was a really nice touch

Rated Event: 91.020%

Cumbriancyclist wrote:

Great event, as always. And yet again good weather. See you next year

Rated Event: 98.790%

chrisgmoore wrote:

Rated Event: 99.900%

Not Eddy Merckx wrote:

Peter Harrison and his team are to be commended for the flawless organization of this superb event. Everything about this was spot-on.

Rated Event: 92.130%

youlton555 wrote:

Rated Event: 98.790%

jonathanbennett wrote:

Rated Event: 78.810%

chasm wrote:

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