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Tour of the Pennines

17/09/2011 - Saddleworth, Pennines - Sportive

Rating: 88.1% based on 3 reviews - Rate this Event Now
Previous Years Rating: 72.7% based on 20 reviews

This Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 76.7%

lobster69 wrote:

Great day despite the wind and rain

Rated Event: 92.2%

LuckyLuciano wrote:

Very windy and heavy rain and Scape Goat Hill is a BEAST. The hot pie at the end made it all worth while.

Rated Event: 95.6%

michael ruddy wrote:

Great course. Lousy weather. Will be back next year.

Previous Years Event Ratings

Rated Event: 74.4%

Leadlegs wrote:

Maybe I'm easily pleased, but I really enjoyed my day out. This could be a fantastic event with a bit more attention to detail e.g. placing of feed stop, presentation of end of ride food, dedicated website page. I'm assuming that a good chunk of the entry fee went to charity, otherwise it would be very difficult to justify £25 when compared to similar priced events from other promoters.

Rated Event: 75.5%

James Daniel wrote:

Repeat ride from earlier in the year, what an improvement for both the course, signage and my own enjoyment. OK the caretaker issue was a poor start, points made by others, the feed station was for sure too far in. when i got there i forgot that it was a race and spent 10 minutes chatting with the guys, Doh! In reality as i had enough gels and liquid i should have pushed on to the end. As this is my first year, I really enjoyed seeing all the other bikes and experienced riders (before they zoomed off), managed not to stop on the hills, a lot to learn especially technique, definitely coming back for the next one and I would recommend it. For the chap who fell in the early part of the ride..... speedy recovery

Rated Event: 94.4% wrote:

Great ride, shame about the caretaker not turning up in the morn and Loo's being locked but overall excellent. The signage was 100% improved on the Pennine 100 back in may so the organisers had listened and put into practice which is all one can ask. The ride itself was fantastic, you just have to love the moors, scapegoat hill was a killer and not expected but great all the same. Well done to all!

Rated Event: 86.6%

Roadgod wrote:

Great event and signage much improved from earlier event in year. Nothing to fault (other than the wind!) and a big thankyou to Tony Orrel and his team. Great to see marsalls out at key points on the course that was made up of "real" climbs with no gimmicks. HQ was good and course challenging but not too tough for the time of year. Would like to see perhaps better timing next time though, but a good cup of tea and free pie made up for this. Well done all - see you again in March for the Jodrell Bank!

Rated Event: 75.5%

stockc wrote:

First event I have tried and I was very impressed. Loved the climbs after I had conquered them and especially pleased that I could make it up scapegoat hill. Very impressed by the signage as was a little worried beforehand that I could end up taking a wrong turn. Timing was a small issue which could have been improved and I echo the comments of other competitors with the feed station probably located a little too far along the course. Having said that it was well stocked and a very welcome sight. I will be coming along again to try to improve on my time.

Rated Event: 38.9%

pete MADONE wrote:

Rated Event: 58.8%

KoolandtheGang wrote:

Overall a great course, with some great climbs, fast descents and stunning scenary. The first and last few miles are a bit too urban however, and to be honest by the time i'd got to Littleborough the enjoyable ride for me was done.

Dissapointing that the building wasn't open before the start, but i guess if you were let down by he caretaker than that's out of your control.

The signage was excellent and i didn't feel there was any potential to take a wrong turning.

The start / finish was a but anti-climatic, and to be honest i didn't have any confidence my number was written down either end. Maybe shouting the numbers out loud so the riders can hear would be a good idea.

The feed station was far too late in for the 100k. Maybe at the top of Nont Sarah's next time at the junction where the 2 routes re-join?

Enjoyed the ride, but didn't feel i got VFM for £25. The "post race meal" being one pie was a bit of a let down as well.

Rated Event: 51.1%

jimbob69dude wrote:

The course was excellent with great directions. However, very disappointed at the start no toillets, and no real time keeping. The feeding station too far into the race should be about 35 miles in. Race finish was poor with no real food or just a microwaved meat pie which you had to wait 10 minutes to get. Could be a great event but let down by these things

Rated Event: 79.9%

Dum Dum wrote:

This was a really good event. Excellent course with real challenging climbs, worth it just to try and get up Scapegoat hill in one go after 30 miles and 2 hard cliimbs. I didn't but there is always next year. Issue of toliets covered in the other reviews, not the organisers fault, or perhaps it is as surely an emergency number for the caretaker or clarifying arrangements the day before would have avoided this. Not good to see all the participants up the bank with their bits out in a School!! Also even more difficult for the female participants. Agree about the feed station just over half way would be better. But well stocked - so no issues there I liked the flat run into the finish able to recover and pick up the pace a little, but if a way could be found that was scenic and flat then even better. Agree about the timing issue could have made more explicit the system which did seem a bit hit and miss. Although can't complain as my time was accurate. In terms of value for money, well the organisers have to make some money. Usually pay around 20-25. So no different and larger events can do a bit more with food and timing chips etc. So the challenge for the organisers is to build the event and the quality. So will do again next year and hope to see some slight changes. Next time for me straight up scapegoat hill without a rest half way !!! Congrats to all those who did?

Rated Event: 53.3%

franrobert lowe wrote:

Despite a few miles of urban roads at the start and finish this is an excellent course. Variable tough climbs to high moorlands with some extremely fast but safe descending. The riding for 90% of the ride is excellent and some stunning vistas if you look up from the stem. Spending £25 on an entry fee I expect; a well thought out course; stocked feedstations; good signage and finish times. Lack of times or any apparent organisation around start and finish was a disappointment.
People will want to come back and compare previous rides - a little more effort around the finish could make a good event great.

Rated Event: 58.8%

Damien Jones wrote:

This was my first tour. On the whole the event was well organised, timings, maps, event signage etc were all well placed and well organised. The main faults and areas that could be improved are:
1. The Venue was locked (out of organisers hands - so no changing facilities or toilets).
2. Environmental - dont issue goodies in bags.
3. Only one feed station which should have been located earlier in the event - perhaps at the bail out point.
4. Route - the route was superb.....however the last 10miles is through some extremely busy northern towns, this will become a major issue if the event gets bigger.
5. Signage in town was tampered with, and there was no marshalls.

Rated Event: 67.7%

patrickl wrote:

geat route, didn't get chance to view much though as my chin was touching my headset trying to stay out of the wind (and on my bike)

Rated Event: 83.3%

Leadlegs wrote:

Lots of long climbs, so this route is harder than you immediately think it would be, and then of course there was the weather. Signing on was easy peasy. Food stop was well placed for the 100km route, maybe not so good for the 60km route. Only basic provisions were provided and less than I would have expected for a £25 entry fee when compared to other, similar priced or lower entry fees that I've ridden. Hot meal at the end really appreciated. I would ride this again and hope that next time the weather will be more co-operative and that I will be allowed to ride the full 100 km. The YouTube video map was novel, but to be honest, I'd rather of had an on-line detailed map and profile to plan my ride from. My wife thinks that the free water bottle is ace.

Rated Event: 74.4%

John wrote:

Potentially a really good event made very hard by the gale force winds. Signage needs improving for next year (before, at, and after turns). Great feeling of satisfaction after this year, hope to do full 100k next year.

Rated Event: 74.4%

druidh wrote:

Other than some poor signposting just in Delph, (and of course the weather) the whole event went smoothly. I look forward to another visit next year.

Rated Event: 85.5%

SteveMetcalfe wrote:

Rated Event: 69.9%

jac wrote:

Some good climbs - made 10 times harder by the hurricane!

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