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7 out of 10
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Coritanian Crippler

23/02/2014 - Birstall, Leicester - Reliability Ride

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Previous Years Rating: 73.3% based on 2 reviews

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Rated Event: 66.667%

CliveNutton wrote:

A really friendly event with an intentional minimum level of support (no feed stations, precise timing, sag wagon) but what there was was great. Route card was very accurate for the 65 mile "leg breaker" route which was wonderfully scenic. A longer time limit (daylight allowing) might have given time to check out Burrough Hill and other scenic places en route.

The recommended cafe got rather overwhelmed due to there being another reliability ride in the same area on the same day. I had to leave with my order wrapped up, concerned that I might miss my cut off time. Indicating other good cafes on the route card might have spread the load a little more comfortably. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this event which deserves a great deal of support if only to help fund Leicestershire Road Club's much needed club room renovations! I'd certainly do it again and recommend to my friends.

Rated Event: 79.920%


Excellent value at only £3

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