Debby B 13/12/2015 23:28

Please note..this is not a malicious slur. I do not personally know the individual concerned (& have no intentions to either)

Its a Cycling Thing sells cycling bracelets and organises cycling events. It is advertised as donating 20% of proceeds to breast cancer and prostrate cancer charities. 

1. The events do not happen.

2. The bracelets are not delivered.

3. You will not get a refund from the company.

4. The charities have not heard of the company or the owner Adam Lamb.

Please do not pay any money for any event or bracelet on this website. Payments are still being accepted despite nothing materialising for around 18months and the internet being awash with irate complainants.

If you have already can claim your money back from your card provider. 

(He has scammed a huge amount of money using different business guises...hopefully this will prevent any of his so-called events being advertised on here now)

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Billy Jhonson 01/05/2018 11:08

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