Sportive backed womens team to ride ITV4 Tour Series

torelli 04/05/2016 16:02

Sunsport Velo a women`s racing team backed by Team Torelli, sportive organisers based in the North West have been invited to ride all six rounds of the ITV4 Pearl Izumi Tour Series Matrix Fitness Grand Prix.

The 12 rider team will field five riders in each of the city centre televised rounds. They will be compteing against 10 other teams for individual, sprints and team based competitions.

Broadcast Times

Motherwell 19th May 19.00

Redditch 28th May 21.00

Stoke 3rd June 22.00

Stevenage 7th June 20.00

Croydon 8th June 20.00

Portsmouth 10th 20.00

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