Pablo Sandoval still looks hefty and its

sherry2018love 04/08/2017 06:31

New Red Sox third baseman Pablo Sandoval was photographed at spring training recently,and baseball Twitter had a total field day by it.

Here's the photo. Really aren't Max Garcia Jersey seeing the fu s is.

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News flash, people, Pablo Spencer Lanning Jersey Sandoval, aka "Kung Fu Panda," has been hefty. Since of course, it'sthe reason his nickname belongs to a rotund ursine.

We're not attending compile the superior tweets and jokes, as they're just the same:"Pablo Sandoval should have been Ross Madison Jersey on the (fill the blank) fat burning system." Yawn.

Now granted, he did get spring training lat year looking a lot le s hefty some 40 pounds fewer than usual. But at 5-11, Sandoval doesn't tower over people, when he carries some extra Britton Colquitt Jersey weight, people notice.

Sure, he probably could po sibly have entered his first spring training along with the Red Sox lookingtrim and svelte, but do you find it really that big of an deal?

He's a hefty dude. Allow be hefty. It hasn't really hurt him in earlier times.

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