first sale of the PANDORA mobile pendant box

generous 09/09/2017 07:24

Throughout China, the first sale of the PANDORA mobile pendant box may be a major highlight of the following conference. With antique pendant box because inspiration, the appearance of 60's mobile pendant box to open vertical, innovative design allows you to free with a compact love of decoration, the life of the special occasions and unique memories that collection. The area belonging to the giant circular shooting point is usually inspired by pandora disney sale this, invited guests and PANDORA mutually recorded Huacai night, witness the wonderful moments.

In the venue of the numerous shooting points, light shadow graffiti interactive photo area for any guests were impressed. Gradual motion to capture the actual light and shadow collections, colorful, symbolizing the while in a short and pandora bracelet sale color of the moment.

PANDORA recently passed this survey, every day, you will experience about 20, 000 minutes, these moments in just a couple of seconds fleeting, and it truly is these records of life moments with the photo, for the world as long as 80% of women Carry inspiration. Light shadow graffiti shooting with the scene guests freeze, reveal, and enjoy the short and pandora safety chains beautiful moments.

While using official opening of the actual conference, female dancers in addition have started their performances, dance with the beautiful body language, expressing the female life within four stages: Sentimental fresh workplace, and the girlfriend's individual time, lover Sweet whisper along with become the joy belonging to the mother. These four various stages are life is usually commemorative moment, bit through bit progress brewing any sparkling miracle, the scene shows the PANDORA jewelry is certainly to help women for you to capture and record the joy from the moment, but also to fine jewelry to pandora rose rings remind Women have their unique unlimited potential.

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