Timings and Results

SPORTident has provided the timing and events results service for cyclosportives where the number of competitors varies from 150 to 1,000 participants. SPORTident equipment is used worldwide to identify, time and score competitors in many different types of event. The competitor carries a small electronic SI-Card. This is dipped into electronic stations, which are located at each checkpoint. The SI-Card stores a list of the locations and the times they were visited.

At the end of a set of activities, the contents of the SI-Card are downloaded into a computer. Each competitor is immediately given a printout that provides a summary of their performance. Full results may be displayed at the event and uploaded onto a website.

It can provide:

- Advantages of SPORTident Timing Compared With Mat Based Systems
- Individual timed starts or possibly a few mass starts
- Recording times at a number of checkpoints
- Calculating Split Times
- Recording times at an unlimited number of checkpoints en route at no additional cost
- Software automatically identifies the course that the rider has completed based on the checkpoints they have visited. This is done when the chip is read when the rider finishes.
- Each competitor receives a small printout just beyond finish and/or a certificate that shows their time and award standard
- Overall results can be displayed in real time.
- The system automatically generates the results in formats that can be uploaded to an event website and/or's comprehensive results service for its members (since 2003).
- Can provide a countdown of missing participants which drops to zero when everyone has been accounted for.

Please download our SPORTident Timing Information Sheet documents, or email Henry Peacock