How to Add an Event to the Cyclosport Calendar

by Holly Blades

How to Add an Event to


Setting up a new event on is done by the organiser, through the organiser'™s control panel. Click the Organiser tab on the Cyclosport homepage as shown in Step 1, and the click the Add Event sub-tab below that as seen in Step 2.

As a new event, you'™ll need to enter your organiser details, as well as information on the route, HQ, cost etc. 

Enter the essential details of your event (Step 3). It's pretty self-explanatory. Pick from the drop down lists whether your event is a Sportive, a non-timed Charity Ride, a timed multi-day Cycling Tour, a Cycling Holiday etc. Select how difficult the event is from the perspective of the average cyclist. Enter your event name, date (start date if a multi-day event), its general location, and the official event website if there is one.

Enter a summary of your event. This is a four or five line description that will be displayed next to the thumbnail on the event calendar (Step 4). Enter any keywords you wish to associate with your event, to help people search for it. List its name, location and any key features (climbs etc), all separated by a comma as seen in Step 5.

You will need to upload a thumbnail to accompany your event name and summary on the Cyclosport calendar. Click the "Browse Images" link, (Step 6) and then click the "Upload Images" button. (Step 7)

Select the file you wish to use as a thumbnail from your computer, using the "œchoose files" button and then click "œupload to server". (Step 7b)

You will then see your image on the server, where you can simply double click it to select it as your thumbnail. 

Now it's time to enter the full details of your event. Be as in depth as your can! If you wish to enter any images to accompany your text, click the "œimage button", and then the "œbrowse button" as seen below in Step 8," and then follow steps 7 and 7b.

If you have GPS maps or profiles to accompany you event, you can display them in the sections marked Maps and Profiles. 

If you wish to display the image for your map or profile, press the "œimage button" and then click the "browse button". This will take you to the same interface used in the uploading of your thumbnail. Again, follow steps 7 and 7b and then press "œinsert".

If you wish to link to your map or profile, enter your link name and highlight it (Step 8). Press the "œlink button", and then enter the link you wish to direct to (Step 9) and press Insert.

Now you can enter your Event HQ details (where riders will sign on/receive bike numbers and timing devices etc), and check the relevant boxes for the amenities at the HQ.

Enter the date that entry to your event opens, and also the cut off date for entries to be accepted. You will also need to check the relevant boxes regarding how riders can enter, whether there are certificates or medals for the finishers and if the event is timed etc.

You are now given the chance to enter specifics about any different routes you may have in your event, for example, the route name, length, how many feed stops there are, any climbs involved etc. Use the scroll bar along the bottom of the table to enter further information. Please enter your distances in metres and kilometres. If necessary, you can use the automatic œconverter at the base of the table which will calculate miles into km for you.

Finally, please use the Accomodation Information section to list links to any hotels or B&Bs that entrants may find useful. You can do this using the œlink button and repeating steps 8 and 9. This is also a good section to include any tourist attractions that non-cycling family members may be interested in.

If your event has been featured on Cyclosport previously, you can use the œRelated Posts drop down menu to find the article and select it. This will let potential entrants read up on your event via prior Cyclosport articles.

Once you have finished entering all of your details, please click the œAdd Event button at the bottom right of the page. This will inform an administrator that your event is awaiting activation, at which point it will be checked over and then activated on the Cyclosport events calendar. This should take no longer than 2 working days.

Submitting your event to Cyclosport is completely free and our calendar is accessed by thousands of sportive riders. 

If you have any queries or are having any problems, please contact Holly Blades.

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