How to Rate an Event on Cyclosport

by Holly Blades

How to Rate an Event on

You can rate an event directly from the calendar now, this means that events with results such as charity events can also be rated and reviewed.

Find the event you wish to rate on the Cyclosport calendar, and click ¢€œClick here to rate this event¢€, as shown below.

You will now be taken to the Rate Event page, where you can give a 1 to 10 rating of all aspects of the ride, as well as further opinion where necessary. 

If any outside factors affected your score, for example bad weather meant you just didn't enjoy it, or signs were maliciously re-routed etc, please check the relevant box and explain in more detail. This way, readers can bear in mind event facts as well as your personal review.

Once you are happy with your review, please press the Rate Event button on the bottom right of the page.

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