REVIEW: Secret Training

by Caven O'Hara

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As a complete package this is an ideal companion for your chosen event. It gets you race ready, protects you against the elements and allows you to clean up afterwards

REVIEW: Secret Training

We've all been there, finished a ride or event in a state not just from the physical exertions but from the conditions you've ridden in or through. There are no facilities to wash off the grime or better still take a shower. So what do you do? 

Tim Lawson is a European Champion Track Cyclist. An elite masters athlete, with over twenty years' experience in developing the best sports nutrition products. He has worked with athletes from beginners, right up to Olympic medalists and Pro Tour winners and he thinks he has the answer. 

Strip is his brainchild and the idea is rather than take the risk of having to endure a miserable and smelly journey home you can do something about it. Strip stands for Secret Training Race Informed Products. Basically you take your race or event clean up kit with you. It also covers you before your event with some pre-race products. 

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Tim started his racing career at the Ribble Valley Cycle Racing Club, an old school introduction. You had to rely on tips and advice from older racers who had been through the process and were passing on the traditional methods of removing the grit, grime and embrocation. 

The products are available individually or in a special race day kit. In the natty wash bag you get pretty much everything you'll need pre and post race. Unzip the bag and everything is laid out neatly, kept in place with separate pockets. You get 9 products most of which you'd expect and perhaps a couple you wouldn't. 

Start Oil 

For your pre-race prep you get a bottle of start up oil. It smells like germolene but rather than pink cream of the afore-mentioned product you get a clear liquid that is easy to apply. It is also easy to wash off too. Once applied it does as you'd expect and warm the muscles with the effects lasting for a good forty minutes. It does require a liberal application. 

Anti-Chafing cream 

It is probably worth applying the cream before the start up oil to avoid any unpleasantness. The cream has a slight menthol smell to it, nothing too strong and there is no uncomfortableness when applied. It lasts long enough to provide respite on rides over three hours so suitable for plenty of events. It has a coconut oil based formula complete with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to protect you. 

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