dhb Cover Sock Overshoe REVIEW

by Henry Peacock

Price £12.99
Size L-XL
Colour White
Great at keeping your shoes clean and a good compromise for changing weather.

What is the point of them you may be thinking? Is it just another thing to add to the ever-increasing repertoire of cycling clothing, every niche and possible outcome of weather can be accounted for and calculated against? The clothing and accessory battle looks to be an ever-changing balance of power between materials and elements.

Argh! My Eyes!

Oversocks keep the grime off your shoes and add a little warmth should you need it. They're good for slightly wet roads and changeable conditions. The most key thing being that if you spend lots of money on expensive road or mtb shoes thee are great for keeping the dirt out of buckles and straps. I think they prolong the life of your shoes and are a sacrificial item. Don't expect them to last because they most likely wont.

These dhb oversocks are at an almost sacrificial price of only £12.99, they are made from 65% Polypropylene which is a durable fibre which does not absorb moisture, and promotes quick drying. Having ridden a 100-mile sportive in the New Forest in these where I encountered wet roads and many river fords where my feet were absolutely soaked they did a fair job of drying out. They are a nice tight fit and when stretched return easily to their original shape. The ankle cuff is nice and thick and much appreciated.

Tight Fitting And Almost See-Through

There are cut outs with seams stitched around the edge to prevent tearing, the holes provided are optimal for your heel and cleat clearance and feel just about right. When walking normally the oversock won't make contact with the floor. Any type of rough contact with steps or pedals can cause damage over a relatively short amount of time and pulling them on too roughly could cause a tear to develop. After about a month of near constant use they are on their last legs; holes developed on the sole but the upper remain largely unscathed. When it comes to temperature I feel comfortable at about 8 degrees and above but you could sink this lower with a decent pair of thermal socks to keep a bit more insulation.

They come in two colours, black and white, black would probably be a more sensible colour as the white turns a very murky grey after a few washes. I would welcome a neon colour into the range; I think it would tie in nicely to the time of year and how visible we need to remain on the roads.

They are about right for oversocks, feel good and do the job that's asked of them. Yes, a bit more robustness on the sole would be welcome but that's being a bit picky. Buy them in black so people think you actually take care of yourself.

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