Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Aero Jacket

by Henry Peacock

Price £89.99
Size Medium
Colour True Red
Comfortable, well made, great for changeable weather conditions.

Pearl Izumi's PRO range seems to be a pretty well rounded range from what I have seen. Pearl Izumi create just about everything you need for riding a bicycle, which is great.

This aero jacket is so named because of the form fit applied to it. Form fit means slim cut in this case. Any usual medium jacket would be slightly baggy on me but this is snug. I really appreciate a close fit, no needless flapping about of excess material. I'd suggest a size up if you intend it for regular cold weather riding.

Snug Fit

The most important thing to get a cross is that this is not a waterproof jacket but it will handle being rained on for a bit, and keep the wind out. The material used is a bit stretchy and rather thin, it isn't a thermal jacket and has an optimal temperature range of 10-15 degrees and excels in changeable conditions, which, if I'm honest is most of the weather in the UK. I've used this jacket in temperatures of around 6 degrees with a long sleeved merino layer underneath and I felt comfortable. There are Direct-Vent panels discretely located that will disiapte enough heat from the kjacket before it starts to get sticky.

There are reflective details around the whole jacket so at least a small part of you will stand out. The 100g/msq Litefabric polyester means that jacket weighs in at a miniscule 110g, which won't slow you down much. As the material doesn't soak up any or much moisture it can survive not being washed as often as you may think.

It rolls up really small and will fit in a rear jersey pocket. The zip is crisp and doesn't snag with an 'internal draft flap' that seals in warmth. The collar is tall enough to provide enough cover for the important bits and is tapered so it's longer at the front, under the chin and shorter at the back. The back is long enough to provide adequate lower back protection.

Note The Lack Of Rear Storage

There are no pockets on the rear as it is simply a barrier type jacket, there to keep the elements out, pockets would not sit right and probably ruin the form fit that is such a good feature. You have to wear a longsleeve jersey underneath or jersey and arm warmers to get a compromise of storage in your pockets.

Priced at £89.99 it isn't cheap but it fills a large void between a thermal jacket and a jersey and arm warmers. The aero name is lived up to, you feel faster in this jacket and it looks great. One thing that would have been welcomed is an internal pouch in which you can stuff the jacket into itself, eliminating the chances of loose material poking out of a jersey pocket when packed away.

It is also available in white and black if red is a bit too much for you. Overall it is a well thought out effective jacket that fills a niche, it's comfortable and soft to wear and you don't feel like you're boiling in a bag.

Where to buy: Madison

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