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Golazo Cycling Announce the 828 Gravel Enduro Relay

by Holly Blades

Golazo Cycling Ltd are very pleased to announce a completely unique event to the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival, with the 828 Gravel Enduro Relay. The 828 GE Relay will be held on Friday 1st June, with a start time of 8:00pm. Teams of four will battle it out for 12-hours for those all-important podium positions.

This is a perfect endurance challenge to get your teeth into and train for. 828 Gravel Enduro is a relay race, which is completed on a 4-mile mixed terrain circuit, with an indoor start and transition area. We'll have the music pumping to ensure there's a party feel throughout.There are five classifications available to enter, each with an individual podium presentation.

The classifications include
:* Male
* Female
* Mixed
* Corporate
* Charity

Teams will ride for 12 hours and then complete the lap they have already begun, with the number of laps completed determining the winner of each classification. If teams complete the same number of laps, results will be determined on time differences across the line on the final complete lap Electronic timing, with check mats on the route will be used aswell as being under the ruling of the official commissaires for the event.

Golazo Cycling Festival Director, Jessica Lockhart said, 'We're really excited to be bringing another brand-new element to the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival 2018 and really can't wait to see how each of these teams are going to do with this endurance relay.'

'Our aim for the Tour of Cambridgeshire Festival is to bring diversity to the event; getting more people out on their bikes and having lots of options for people to come together and share their love for cycling. Their passion and enjoyment could be out on the road on shorter time-trial distance, just wanting to take advantage of the closed-roads or being part of a team within this new event - we want to bring all of it into one cycling festival.' 

Entries are open for the first ever 828 Gravel Enduro Relay on 1st December 2018.

Team places are limited, so pull together that winning team and get entered. For more information or to book your place, visit

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