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Deloitte Ride Across Britain TRAINING BLOG

by Sean Lacey

A few weeks ago I was informed that I would be covering the Deloitte Ride Across Britain for Cyclosport, so it was with both excitement and trepidation that I completed the registration forms and the reality sunk in - this June I would be riding 900+ miles over 9 days with hundreds of other likeminded individuals!

One Of Many Views I'll Encounter

I only returned to cycling after a long lay off in 2011, but had a great start being part of the Cycling Plus magazine reader team, then last year moving on to Cyclosport. Both gave me ample opportunity to make the best use of my time on the bike to bring me from a beginner to a competent level in a short time.

However, this doesn't mean this will be in anyway easy. Although capable (and used to) riding 100+ miles in a day, riding that distance every day for 9 days is a daunting task. As the event last year was in September, my training then would have been my sportive review schedule, with 100 mile events every week in the peak months, but with this year's ride being early June I have to give serious thought to my training. With fewer base miles and turbo sessions than I would have liked through the depths of winter I am now playing catch up a little, but with help from the training programmes from Threshold and the knowledge gained over the last two years, I have started in earnest. The hours and intensity are ramping up now the sportive season is underway, with a 75 mile ride last weekend and an 85 mile event this Sunday, interspersed with weekday rides and turbo sessions.

As there is a lot of climbing on the route, I am also fortunate that my playground is rural Shropshire, with no end of climbs to choose, from long drags (Clee), long and sharp (Long Mynd) and just plain sharp with a couple of 25% hills to really test the legs! The other thing that requires a bit of training is my diet. I've put on a few pounds through the winter and that needs to be gone, and soon. Time to watch those calories and portion sizes whilst maintaining the fuel required for training and muscle growth. Never an easy task unfortunately but one that's as essential as the time on the bike.

(Me On The Left) I Have Been Training. Honest!

Aside from the training, the other big task is logistics. Thankfully Threshold make life pretty much as easy as possible with the services on offer from the provision of coaches to get to the remote start and finish areas, to laundry en route. My flight from Birmingham to Wick is booked and my coach to the start, so I will at least be on the start line, and hopefully my trusty Boardman Team Carbon too once details are released on bike shipping. Now I need to concentrate on getting my kit and essentials together, again based on the excellent suggestions from the ride literature and the useful tips from the other riders in the online forum. As I'm not the most organised person a checklist will be essential! So, it's all falling into place.

Keep an eye out for further blogs in the run up to June, and I'll be writing from base camp every day during the ride itself so you can read all about the ups and downs as they happen.

For more information on the event visit:

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