REVIEW: Vulpine Long Sleeve Merino Polo

by Henry Peacock

Price £85.00
Size Medium
Colour Navy
A well made, properly cut cycling come casual long sleeved polo that will see many days of use.

This is the third item we've had to review from the casual cycling brand Vulpine who seem to have had a pretty busy first year. It's made from the same merino wool as the t-shirt I gave full marks to a couple of months back; which bodes well.

Casual, Ride Anywhere Polo

This long sleeved version of their polo epitomises the Vulpine philosophy and approach to all things cycling. It is casual but also really smart. It is a tailored fit, which translates as 'fits beanpoles' such as myself. It is 100% 180gsm merino and as I've said before it wicks better than anything else, which puts it in the realm of being a performance product. The odour control is all they claim and you don't need to wash it as often as you would a synthetic product. The qualities of wool mean it keeps you cool when you sweat and wicks away moisture and traps air next to the skin when it's cold.

The collar is polo like but soft and floppy all at the same time using the same soft merino throughout, which is great. The three buttons embossed with the Vulpine font are neat and the small details that shine through such as the thread being in a V shape on the buttons, it's clear the brand is very defined and rippling with detail. It hangs on the body well and there is no old fashioned itchy wool problem, it just feels good.

Notice The 'V' Thread

The front and rear pockets have logo'd flaps covering the contents, big enough for a bankcard and your smartphone although they'll sag a bit if you fill them too much. The front flap could do with a magnetic snap or other fastener as it occasionally sticks out slightly at a jaunty angle. The rear has a small reflective strip on the pocket, which is on the correct side for UK roads (as you'd be nearer the curb reflectives are better on your right hand side).

The stitching and seams are all really good, no loose bits of thread dangling about, the flatlock stitching is strong and won't chafe the skin. The red thread on the cuffs is a welcome change. I'd have preferred the luminous green Vulpine thread they use on the grey verseion to give it flashes of brilliance but it's not a criticism. 

At £85 it is a lot of money, there's no getting away from that, but is there a rival out there? I suggest if you get the opportunity to try one on do so, you'll like the feel and realise it's not just bike wear. Vulpine have managed to go nationwide in stores already with their products and they seem to be putting together a good range of clothes. Most of it is in the 'casual riding' and 'off bike' wear categories, which seems to have new competition popping up every week, it's a pretty new sector and one that can benefit from healthy competition. I appreciate cycling cut casual wear that won't show your backside to the world if you want to ride to the shops or even across the country.

rear flap
Longer Back For Cycling Use

It comes in grey or navy blue like I have here, the sizing is seemingly straight forward on their merino products. They have it in a short sleeve version for £70 should you desire a summer friendly edition. Should you ever need to wash it the instructions are printed on the inside of the garment so no nagging labels.

One of the most remarkable things about Vulpine is the customer service; you got a problem with a garment? Let them know and you can feel the earth shift slightly on its axis as they get the problem sorted.

A well made, properly cut cycling come casual long sleeved polo that will see many days of use. I promise.

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