Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

by amy

Price £
Size Weight: 60g
Probably the most intuitive and user friendly bike GPS unit I've had the pleasure to ride with.

It takes a brave company to take on the GPS Goliath that is Garmin but, if you go on any internet cycling forum, you'll find a lot of love for Wahoo. I'm not sure about the aero claims but there's no doubt the sleek and compact styling of the unit on its out-front mount are aesthetically very pleasing. Some critics point out that the black and white greyscale screen and buttons, as opposed to touchscreen, are a backwards step but I strongly disagree. I don't need colour on a bike computer and, as a lot of the time I'm riding in the rain or gloves, touch screens tend to be fiddly and unreliable.


Set-up, data screen customisation, sensor pairing and 3rd party apps synching is all taken care of on the brilliant and super intuitive mobile app. It's so much easier than scrolling through endless menus on the unit. It supports a vast range of ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors and will seamlessly talk to Strava, TrainingPeaks, RideWithGPS and others.


For navigation, the base maps are fairly basic but, you've got the whole world ready to go and it'll wirelessly load all of the routes that you've pre-planned on Strava and other apps. I've used it to navigate, on and off-road, in Majorca, France, South Africa, Morocco and all over the UK and, touch wood, am yet to get hopelessly lost. 


One update aside, which was acknowledged and resolved by the excellent customer support within 12 hours, I've not experienced any glitches during the test period, accuracy has been spot on and, with a range of sensors, including power, speed/distance, heart rate and indoor trainers, zero pairing or drop-out issues.


Probably the most intuitive and user friendly bike GPS unit I've had the pleasure to ride with.

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