Hackney GT Camo Neck Warmer Recommended

by Caven O'Hara

Price £14.00
Colour Various
I wouldn't say I look forward to colder rides but I certainly don't worry about them knowing I have the Camo in my drawer.

Wind, especially freezing wind can prove to be really uncomfortable on any ride. How do you combat this, after all you still want to ride over the winter months?

The answer is a neckwarmer, a humble piece of clothing that perhaps doesn't receive the recognition it should. Both for its effectiveness and for its versatility. Get the right one and you will have a much better ride experience. 

In essence a neckwarmer is generally a tube shaped piece of material that you pull down over your head. Once in place you can then pull back up to the bottom of your nose and and with the bottom tucked into the top of your jersey/jacket you have an effective barrier against the elements. Some longer versions you can pull up to the bottom of your nose and over the back of your head, basically fulfilling the functions of a neckwarmer and a cap or hat. The advantages are clear and if by chance you do get too warm they can still be pulled down to create more airflow or in extreme cases over your nose to keep out the really cold air, snow or anything else the weather may throw at you.

Hackney GT produce a range of cycling clothing and accessories. Part of their range includes three different patterned neckwarmers, the Robi, Betty and the Camo. All offer striking colours as well as patterns. I went for the Camo and haven't been disappointed.

You only need a few basic functions from the neckwarmer to make it a success. It needs to be longer enough to cover the pertinent areas. No irritating seams and to be stretchy enough to get on or off easily. The reverse of this last point, is it can't be too loose that it slides down whilst you're riding otherwise this would be irritating and cold. 

The Camo has the added advantage of having bold colours and will add a certain panache to your wardrobe. It has proven to be robust and capable of dealing with temperatures down to 0c without letting me down or falling down. Much colder and you'd probably reach for something more substantial but how many time will you be riding in those conditions?

I've used it a few times now, it has been washed everytime and still comes back looking bright and has retained its shape. At 15 in long, it is perfect if you want to pull it up but ensure that the bottom part stays under cover of your top/jacket so no exposure to nasty draughts.  

I wouldn't say I look forward to colder rides but I certainly don't worry about them knowing I have the Camo in my drawer. 

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