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Experience Red Bull Timelaps with brand new racing team TEKKERZ

by Holly Blades

The first ever edition of Red Bull Timelaps saw 536 riders take full advantage of the clocks going back by racing over a whopping 25 hours. In the world's longest one-day road cycling race, riders pushed their physical and mental limits by racing through the night on a 6.6km closed circuit within the stunning Windsor Great Park. 

In what was their first race as a team, TEKKERZ won the men's category in style and placed third overall. Reflecting on the event, Alec Briggs commented: 'We were really stoked to be part of the first ever Red Bull Timelaps event. We knew it would be tough but didn't really know what to expect.  

I set up TEKKERZ to put an emphasis on riding with style and panache, as well as encouraging younger riders into the sport through approaching it in a different way. In this sense, Red Bull Timelaps was a logical first challenge for the team and one hell of a bonding exercise!' 

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