Etixx Energy Bar + Magnesium

by Holly Blades

Price £1.99
"I've been taking these bars out on pretty regular three-hour rides and, chowing down on them around half way through, have never ended with hunger pangs."

Energy bars seem to always be a little on the chunky side and perhaps try and convince you of their carb-packed qualities by being bigger or flashier than those sitting on the shelf beside them. What I like about this one is that it's modest. 

For cycling this is obviously pretty useful as it means you can use the freed up jersey pocket space for other bits and pieces - plus it's not all about being the biggest, right? That's what I wanted to find out.

The bar is a chocolate-flavoured 40g, with 29g of all-important carbohydrate. Etixx has also thrown in some added magnesium (15% of your RDI) which seems to be a pretty regular ingredient dotted throughout their range. This little mineral plays a part in loads of reactions in the body, with many being the types of processes that help you go faster and ride longer. More on that in a review of their Magnesium Absorption+ tablets coming soon.

On opening the packet the bar appears as a neat little slab which, despite its flavour, doesn't have the gooey chocolate coating I was expecting. Instead, the texture is dry and has no covering. While definitely chocolate-coloured, the energy bar actually looks more like a cereal bar and resembles one of these when you bite into it, too.

With the lack of goo, the bar is a bit crumbly once in your mouth and needs to be washed down with a good glug of drink. It's not unpleasant though, and being towards the savoury side of the taste spectrum is actually quite refreshing in comparison to other sickly sweet offerings from the world of nutrition.

I've been taking these bars out on pretty regular three-hour rides and, chowing down on them around half way through, have never ended with hunger pangs. Paired with a preparatory gel for a big effort and a good helping of hydration, they have been something I've looked forward to eating. A couple of ride buddies lucky enough to try a bite have also given nods of approval.

Thankfully the bars are decidedly easy to open, so you don't have to fumble away for ages in winter gloves and lose shreds of wrapping to the hedgerow. You can order anything from single bars through to bunches of 10 or a mixed pack to give the lemon flavour a try. If you take a look on the etixx website, you can also find the bars in dedicated nutrition bundles.

Retailing at £1.99 per bar I feel you need to take a bit of a deep breath and remember that less can sometimes be more. You also get the impression that Etixx have got your back with the addition of the magnesium, cramming loads of goodness into the bar to really make every gram count.

This Energy Bar + Magnesium is part of the Performance range, with Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery still to explore: 

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