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Velo29 Warns You to Fear The Yorkshire Beast in 2018

by Holly Blades

Velo29 Events, well known for taking over the Cheshire Cat and Tour of the Peak Sportives after the unfortunate demise of Kilo to Go in 2016 have set the bar higher again with their newly dubbed Ultra Sportive The Yorkshire Beast!

This event is not for the under trained riders it's 200 miles and over 14600ft of climbing in just one day! It tackles some of the toughest climbs in the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors so beware this ride may just chew you up and spit you out of the other side!

In talking to Richard at Velo29 we asked why he decided to add the new event to the Velo29 Calendar. "There has long been a desire for something more than the 100 mile rides that have been on the market for some years but many of the longer events can start and finish in different locations. This in itself can make things hard work for a lot of people logistics wise, so we thought about the event in terms of what the rider would need.

"Somewhere you can stay for a couple of days without worrying about where you were sleeping, especially after riding an event like this. So we have based the event at Camp Hill near Bedale where we have an unlimited amount of camping before and after the event. We will be having a pasta party the night before for everyone camping there and a bit of a party when they get back - if they can stay awake!"

Richard continued, "The Yorkshire Beast is strictly limited to 1000 riders and we can expect many people to want to be on the finish sheets for this first year of this epic ride. Our clothing partner Primal Europe have designed an exclusive range of Jerseys for us this year and the Yorkshire Beast one has got to be one of our favourites, it will be the jersey to be seen in this summer!

"As an event we know its achievable as it has been ridden already without any support although we have arranged regular feed/massage stops along the course, each offering different nutrition along the way and massage if needed. Once riders get back there will be protein bars from our Nutrition Partner High5 followed by beer and live music. This is the toughest event in Yorkshire and it's sure to be a badge of honour to say that you rode the first one"

The Yorkshire Beast is on Sunday 27th May 2018 with camping available for 2 nights from Saturday 26th May.

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