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Moor 2 Sea Preview with Brennan Townshend

by Henry Peacock

Brennan Townshend of Team Raleigh - GAC previewed the Extreme route of the Moor 2 Sea Sportive. This event will be taking place for the first time this year [8th September], taking in some of the toughest parts of Dartmoor.

Neo-Pro Townshend

When invited to preview the 112-mile Devon ride, Townshend said, "This will be great preparation for Canada's upcoming Tour de Beauce". The first year professional knows these roads well as he has lived and trained in Devon.

Some Serious Gradients

Townshend completed the event's Extreme Route, with its grueling 12,000 feet of climb, in an impressive 6 hours and 20 minutes. Also featuring in this ride is a King of the Mountains style timed hill climb, which takes place at Mamhead, riders will be given medals for beating the KoM stage time. He concluded: "The Moor 2 Sea extreme route really is awesome, a vigorous test of endurance and climbing ability, a ride that once finished leaves you with a really satisfying sense of achievement." Dartmoor is an area of outstanding natural beauty which means participants will be able to ride through some stunning scenery.

Townshend as Comfortable as the Sheep on the Hills

As well as the 'Extreme' route there is also the 'Challenge' route available, at 67 miles with a still leg testing 7,400ft this too will provide plenty of scope for participants. Both routes will start and finish from Exeter Racecourse, with a finish loop being performed on the racecourse's perimiter road.

Exeter Racecourse

Brennan has uploaded his ride to Strava, where you can preview the route profile and compare your times across various segments of the course whilst training.The inaugural Moor 2 Sea Sportive will take place on Saturday 8th September 2012. The entry fee is £29.

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