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Ride Across Britain BLOG Part 2

by Sean Lacey

Sitting writing this and looking at the date, in the middle of May, I'm realising that the event really isn't far away and thoughts will soon need to turn to ensuring I have everything I need for the nine days I'll be riding the length of the country. Fortunately Threshold will be sending a full recommended kit list which makes life easier; the challenge will be keeping it all within the 15kg weight limit. I've purchased a new 90 litre waterproof travel bag to help with this and handily borrowed a luggage scale. I might be able to convince Threshold that a few grams over isn't too bad, but I doubt the airline who will be flying me up to Scotland will be so understanding!

sean in lincoln
Riding In Lincoln GP

Attention has also turned to my bike. My trusty Boardman Team Carbon, the workhorse of my stable will be making the trip and although regularly self-serviced once a month as I enjoy doing it, it will be treated to a new chain and cassette along with brake pads any courtesy of Schwalbe, new rubber too. I'll also be having another bike fit, essential for a comfortable long day in the saddle with the newly established Midland Bike Fit, look for a feature article on Cyclosport soon on how the process works and what it can do for you.

The physical training has been going well and is on track as best I can manage with time constraints of work and family life. The sportive season getting into full swing has helped with review commitments for Cyclosport meaning I'm out every almost weekend on a 100 mile ride, and those I'm not I go and ride around a 100 anyway. The weather isn't really playing ball for the time of year, but the weekday mileage has increased too, keeping my legs turning over nicely and ensuring the big mile weekend rides aren't a shock to the system.
I've been fortunate too that through Cyclosport I have a brand new Wattbike Pro sat in the house, which gives me ample opportunity to ride despite the weather and has the added benefit of allowing me to train based on power, which I did in 2011 when I had a Powertap wheel on loan while with Cycling Plus; it may seem a bit over the top to some amateur riders but once you understand it and use it frequently it really does make a difference.

Another good opportunity cropped up when another of our writers, Henry, got an invitation to ride the Gran Fondo New York. No, I wasn't to go with him sadly, but it did mean a place on the Mitie London Revolution two day sportive was available, which I snapped up. Organised by Threshold also, the format of the event, including the overnight camping mirrors that of the RAB itself so would be an ideal dry run of how the event will work come June. I say dry, the London Revolution is this coming weekend and the weather report isn't looking great, but over the nine days of the RAB it's unlikely to be sunny and dry every day, right? It's all good practice. It seems as though a lot of the other riders taking part in the RAB will be riding this too, so maybe also a chance for me to meet a few of them too.

Finally, I mentioned last time that the winter pounds needed to go, and as I hoped (and expected to be honest) as the miles have increased and the winter treats have gone it's dropped off naturally to bring me back down to my 'healthy' weight of 83kg's, which makes those climbs a little easier.

Not long now!

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