Vulpine Lightweight Harrington

by Henry Peacock

Price £135.00
Size Medium
Colour Sage
Clearly made by people who understand how life functions, it works on and off the bike and looks great.

So this isn't  the first Vulpine item i've reviewed on here, they have a habit of turning up in the office. This is their rather fetching Lightweight Harrington jacket, it's fetching partly because, well, it looks so normal.

vulpine harrington
Nice Colour, Smart Fit

It's made of lightweight water resistant cotton, meaning it feels soft and has all the characteristics of normal cotton but it's waterproof. It has the design cues that only a discerning cyclist may notice and that it is actually a jacket for riding in. The green sage colour may not be to everyone's tastes, they also do a navy colour, which may be a bit more subtle. I have a size medium here which fits fine if a little snug across the shoulders, this is a little strange as the visibility gilet came up a bit large and that too was a medium.

rear details harrington jacket
Big Rear Pocket

The cut is just enough cyclist and just enough normal looking for you to wear it down the pub and not feel like a complete tool, which is nice. The rear of the jacket is elongated to cover your backside, with the front being a little cutaway. There's some vents between the shoulder blades which are very effective at shedding any heat build up, a common issue with many waterproof jackets. The collar is superbly high and the magnetic snap neck remains a steadfast feature, it feels more robust than on the visibility gilet which I thought lacked in strength. The pocket on the breast is great and effective enough to stow your phone. The pocket on the rear has a magnetic snap and a reflective strip from which you can hang a rear light, all pockets have a luxuriously comfortable lining. The zip pockets on the front provide more storage with zips that are made properly with leather toggles, no snagging here, a real bugbear on many jackets. The cuffs are properly designed so when you jump on the bike the right bits are covered. As the jacket is cotton if you screw it up and pile it into a bag, when you pull it out it will show the creases, something which purely synthetic rivals will shrug off fairly quickly, if you can you should hang it up as soon as you arrive at your destination.

vulpine pocket details
Good Zippers Are Great

There's two cavernous internal pockets created from the external pockets being sewn onto the jacket, amazingly useful to throw stuff in there. It isn't aimed at road riders specifically but as more and more of you may be using bicycles to nip to the shop or commute to work on this provides a happy medium away from hi-viz clothing, something which whilst necessary for some I don't enjoy. It does have visibility flashes around the jacket, just enough for you to be noticed. The jacket is priced at £135, which is a whole heap of money, something that would be easily undercut by synthetic rivals but it's wise investment in a quality product and a great alternative to the ubiquitous Rapha streetwear.

It's quite a lot of money and has some mainstream rivals up against it, but give the little guy a chance and it may just surprise you.

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