How to Add a User Blog

by Holly Blades

User Blogs on are a great way to tell other cyclists what you're up to, what rides you've been doing, how your training is going, or just to brush up on your writing! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Sportives or Pro-cycling in the UK and beyond, so please, give it a go.

To create your own blog, log in to and click on the My Blogs link as shown below.

Click on the My Blogs tab, and then the "Add Blog" button as displayed below.

You will now be taken to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, where you can enter your blog text, add images, and create links.

Select "User's Blogs" from the Category drop down menu.

Create a Title for your Blog.

Enter your text in the box marked "Content"

If you want to include images, click on the small tree icon circled below.

Once you have clicked the tree icon, you will see the box below. Click the "browse" icon that is circled.

To add an image to your individual personal area on the server, click the upload button as marked below.

You will then be presented with the screen below. Click on the "Choose files" button, and then locate the image on your computer.

The image will then appear in your individual folder on the server where you can select it.

Now we will learn how to activate a link. If you wish to link to another website, or an external image via your blog, type the phrase you wish to become a link and then highlight it with your cursor as shown below. Then click the "Add link" icon as circled.

Enter the full link URL in the space signalled by the red arrow below. Once you are sure your link is correct, click the circled "Update" button.

When you have finished writing your blog, you are given the option of allocating a related event to it. This is useful for if your blog features a review, or mentions an existing event on the calendar. If you start typing the event name, or a keyword from it, a drop down menu will appear with similarly titled event. Simply click on the correct one.

You can repeat this process if you mention more than one related event.

Once you are finished, click on the "Add Blog" button as displayed above.

We look forward to reading your thoughts on anything and everything cycling or Cyclosport related!

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