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Dartmoor Classic Reserves List Opens

by Nick Gregory

Many of those disappointed at missing the cut for next summer's sold-out Dartmoor Classic can now give themselves a second chance of possibly participating in the highly popular event by joining its new reserves list.

With all 3000 secured places recently being filled in less than a day, the organising Mid-Devon Cycling Club are now keen to see a full field take to the start line on June 22. "We ran a reserve list for the 2013 event and were ultimately able let nearly 300 hopefuls take the places of those who, for one reason or another, had notified us in advance that they couldn't take part." said Ron Keegan, the event's promoter. There is no charge to register on the list, with payment only being made when the entry transaction is completed. "When we are advised of a cancellation, the place is immediately offered to the first on the list. If the place is not accepted, within 48 hours, it then passes to the next on the list." he added.


"The reserve registration process is very simple to access and only requires an e-mail contact address. The list will also be very helpful in the MDCC planning for the event's possible future growth. Clearly, it's hugely popular and we'd like to try and satisfy demand, providing increasing capacity doesn't impact negatively on the established quality of the rider experience." says the dynamic new leader of the Dartmoor Classic's management team, Guy Langworthy.

To register an interest in a reserve place, click on 

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