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Ware's Cambridge Postponed Due to Weather, Entries Still Open

by Holly Blades

The ever popular Ware's Cambridge? Ride has been thrown its first real curveball in nearly 5 years. Never before during the times that the event has been running have SportiveUK ever seen snow in the month of March. 

There has been obstacles to over come in the past, closed roads, burst water mains and even a 50 ton two lane wide super crane last year. With all of these mother nature has never unleashed her wrath quite like she is due to this weekend. 

Well, never to be beaten SportiveUK have decided to postpone by 7 days so that the event can go ahead. 

That means 7 more days to get your entry in for Ware's Cambridge? if yo haven't done so already. There are 80, 50, and 30 mile routes to choose from, all covering roads that are perfect for riding at this time of year. 

Winter can be a tough time for cyclists but we want to help you kickstart your season this spring. 

Go to now to reserve your place."

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