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Mike Cotty Tackles The Giant of Provence - Mont Ventoux

by Nick Gregory

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One of the most feared and favoured mountains of all time, Mike Cotty and the Col Collective tackle the highly unpredictable monster that is Mont Ventoux - the Giant of Provence. Over to Mike: 

"Sometimes Mother Nature deals you a joker card, and other times a hand full of aces. After three days in the Pyrénées, The Col Collective was back on the road for a late night drive to Bédoin in anticipation of taming the mighty Mont Ventoux. I'd been checking the forecast continually, secretly praying to the weather gods to be kind to us, knowing that we only had one day to try and bring this mythical mountain to life." 

"On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday torrential rain, near hurricane winds, thunder and lightning hammered the slopes of Ventoux. We arrived late on Wednesday night, I couldn't sleep, nervous at what we may face the next day. I guess all my praying paid off as we were gifted with the best day I've ever seen on the mountain. Barely a breath of wind, the fresh smell of pine in the forest and high temperatures certainly helped get the legs spinning again, but such is the history of Ventoux this is a climb that should never be taken lightly and needs full respect no matter what." 


"A hard section through the forest from Saint-Estève to Chalet Reynard, barely dropping below 9% gradient, followed by a final six kilometres exposed to the elements and all whilst the summit overlooks one and all from high above. One word. Unbelievable. Four words. You must ride it!" 

Start: Bédoin 
Length: 21.8km 
Summit: 1,912m 
Elevation gain: 1,629m 
Average gradient: 7.4% 
Max gradient: 12%  

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