Purebeef Natural Protein Snack

by Henry Peacock

Price £2.50
Size 50g, 100g, 250g
It's different, you'll love it or hate it and it's meaty (that's because that's what it is).

Purebeef is beef jerky, it is dried meat, there's no glamourising it and it won't be for vegetarians. Purebeef have been around for a few months with what they claim is a 'natural protein snack'. The companies aim is to provide minimum ingredients so that you obtain maximum results with PureBeef in your health and fitness diet. It's a recovery product that's really different to anything else you'll see.

It's Beef, That Is All

The packaging portrays this as a fitness product rather than a cycling specific one, but there's no reason why it couldn't be. Cyclists are sometimes a bit picky about what they eat and use to recover with many frowning on such a product.

The ingredients consist of beef, salt and organic spices. That's all, purebeef feel pretty strongly about this. They also say it is gluten and sugar free. The beef is 100% British and it takes 220g of silversidebeef to make 100g of purebeef. I can assume that this is because of the drying process.

So depending on which flavour you choose, original or Peri Peri you'll find a texture that you'll love or hate, I can only describe it as flaky air dried beef steak, thinly cut with seasoning. It isn't too tough like a traditional American style jerky, you could spend a couple of minutes consuming a 50 gram bag quite happily.

After the much publicised recent horse meat scandals you'll be happy in the knowledge that this is 100% British Beef, something that we should all be happy with. The product comes in three different sizes, 50g, 100g and 250g priced at £2.50, £4.00 and £8.00 respectively. I think the 50g bag we have here is a little too juch money for the contents versus price so i'd head for the larger 250g bag, keep it in the fridge and consume when wanted after training.

100% British Beef

So what are the drawbacks? Well after a 50g bag I'd be thinking about water consumption as there's 1.67g of sodium per 100g or if we talk in crisp terms for the same 100g (2.5 bags of monster munch) there's 1.55g salt. I'm pretty sensitive to salt as I try not to add any to my diet so I could certainly notice it. The beef is sealed when packed and has a best before of over a year from production, which is a huge amount of time. It's different and because of that I like it.

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