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TOP 5: UK Multi-Day Events

by Ashley Quinlan

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1) Tour of Wessex 

The Tour of Wessex is one of the toughest, but also most flexible events on our list. Organisers, Pendragon Sports have designed the Tour so that it caters for each individual rider, allowing them to ride one, any two or all three days of the event. 

Held in 2015 from the 23-25 May, each day will have the choice of two distances meaning you can ride either the long route (totaling 335 miles over the full three days) or the shorter route (213 miles in three days), or any combination in between. The Tour of Wessex features some of the West Country's most famous climbs including: Cheddar Gorge, King Alfred's Tower, Lulworth Ranges, Quantock Common and Porlock Toll Road. 

Testament to its growing success, 2014 saw the introduction of neutral service vehicles courtesy of Brother, and BMW-supplied motorbike outriders on the courses. On top of this, video recording by provides a great souvenir for those taking part. The festival atmosphere is topped off with optional camping in the traditional market town of Somerton for those looking for a real cycling adventure.

Tour of Wessex tackles the West Country's toughest climbs 

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