Hints and Tips

Top Tips: Bike Cleaning

by Nick Gregory

'Why on earth would I clean a bicycle!?'

Well we think it's fairly obvious really that if you keep something in good condition it will work properly and for longer and it's a similar principal for anything mechanical. With bikes and components costing significant amounts these days it's important to look after them to avoid premature failure or early replacement.  

There are many advantages of good bike upkeep - most notably that gears work properly, chains don't skip and there are no strange noises when you're spinning along! Oh - and of course your bike gleams like it's new. 

Follow bike cleaning brand Purple Harry's top tips on bike cleaning and maintenance tips: 

1. Give your bike an all over rinse before getting any products involved.  A good rinse will loosen any debris and grit, but keep the pressure setting low to avoid washing away the lubricants your bike needs to keep running smoothly.


2. Use a cleaner and degreaser product on the frame, chain, gears and cogs. Allow the degreaser to sink in for about five minutes, after which any worn-in grease will be eased off. 


3. The drivetrain areas (chain, chainrings, cassettes and derailleurs) are notorious for getting clogged up with grease and grit, especially if it's wet, so it is important to try and remove all the dirt. Purple Harry produce some clever products to clean these hard-to-reach areas, such as a 'lobster claw' shapped Wash and Polish Mitt and Purple Harry's Bike Floss. 


4. Give the bike another rinse to wash away any excess degreaser.  

5. Post rinse you need to ensure the bike is as dry as possible as water is one of the biggest enemies for rust.  

6. After wiping down spray mechanical components (drivetrain, bottom bracket for example) with a dewatering and protecting spray which will displace remaining water and add a light layer of protection to deter rust and corrosion. It is important to avoid all braking areas.


7. Lube up. With the drivetrain cleaned and degreased, you will need to re-apply some lubricant. Use wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the summer as a general rule of thumb. A good tip is to put a small amount of lubricant on each chain link and then take your bike for a quick ride up and down the road being sure to go up and down the gears a few times to spread the lubricant. 


8. Last but not least it's a good idea to protect a painted or lacquered frame of any material with a polish such as Purple Harry's Bike Polish and Frame Protector. This adds a protective layer with it's silicone and wax combination to combat corrosive effects of sweat and moisture, plus makes it much easier to clean next time round. And it will gleam as well! 

Purple Harry offer an entire range of innovative cleaning products from Maintenance Spray to their unique Bike Floss and Bike Wash & Polish Mitt. 

For more information about Purple Harry and their products, please visit: http://www.purpleharry.co.uk/