REVIEW: Shutt Velo Rapide Isobel Female Jersey

by Jennifer Trotman

Price £79.00
Size Medium
Colour Purple/ Polka Dot
It's really nice to have women specific performance kit that fits well, feels good on, does the job above and beyond and is stylish without yelling "girl" at you!

REVIEW: Shutt Velo Rapide Isobel Female Jersey

Instead of the usual events, this time around my Cyclosport 'job' has led to me having a jersey to review; and also, as it unexpectedly turned out, semi-matching socks! To gild the lily still further, when it turned up it was also purple - my favourite colour! Not that this makes a jersey better of course... 

And so on to the details. That which you see before you is a Shutt Velo Rapide Isobel short-sleeved jersey. I wasn't sure which size I would be from their chart, falling as I do neatly between two camps, but they very kindly supplied both so that I try out the right one (and return the other).  As it turns out I'm a medium, which is no doubt better for my ego than being a large! 

The Isobel 

Apart from the joys of it being purple, it also has a polka dot band on both the front and back, and also inside the collar which is a nice touch. There also isn't a flower, butterfly or even a hint of pink anywhere to be seen - result! I think it's quite attractive - a bit quirky, distinctive, but not over the top. 

The jersey has three rear cargo pockets with an extra zipped valuables pocket, which is great as I'm forever wondering where to safely stash my keys without having to worry about losing them mid-ride when I pull other stuff out of my pockets. The pocket is also waterproof on the body side, so it would be great for your phone too. 


Once I'd stopped examining it and put it on, some of the other features became obvious, especially when taking photos. All the zips and the piping on the hem and pockets are reflective, as are the logos (as you can see!) It's longer in the body than I'm used to, especially at the back, with a good silicone gripper all round.   

It covers your lumpy bits, never rides up, and keeps your behind covered properly. It's not the lightest weight lycra out there, but it does have mesh side panels which are very breathable and mean it's probably perfect for most of what passes as both spring and summer weather in the UK.  

Front view

I wore it for Ride London, and the extra length was both good and bad. Good because even when soaked through, you have an extra layer of warmth there. Not so good as, once the pockets were full of my assorted crap, my lovely waterproof - being somewhat shorter and relatively close fitting - couldn't cover them too. The result was that the water just ran off it and straight into the jersey pockets. My gilet wasn't up to the task either. 

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